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Turtle caouanne

Papo - 56005

Papo 56005 - Turtle caouanne [1]
Papo 56005 - Turtle caouanne [1]

The loggerhead sea turtle is a great swimmer, mainly to be found in temperate waters around the world. It measures around a meter and weighs almost 100 kg. Its flat shell is comprised of a reddish carapace which contrasts with its yellow plastron. It has a long head and a hooked beak, which is very useful for grinding up its food (coral, crustaceans, molluscs and small fish, etc.). Its large legs are perfectly suited to swimming on the high seas. The front legs are used for propulsion while the rear legs act as a rudder. Gathered in groups numbering hundreds of individuals, the loggerhead sea turtles migrate and cover several thousand kilometres to reach their egg laying site. Did you know that when laying its eggs the loggerhead sea turtle lays more than 100 of them which it covers with sand? Each female only lays every two or three years.

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